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Our "Why" of Recruiting: A Life Worth Living

“The meaning of your life is to help others find the meaning of theirs.” Dr. Viktor E. Frankl 

Our own impressions of the work we do in recruiting are of the utmost importance. Do we truly believe our planning processes will make an extraordinary difference in the lives of the clients Guardian's FR's will touch? A great deal of research by psychologists reveals people possess three attitudes towards their work: a job, a career or a calling. If you view your work as a job, you do it for the money to do other things, such as hobbies on the weekends or to pay for things in your life. The second view of work is looking at it as a career itself: titles, promotions, larger offices, etc. take focus. the third view of work is one of a mission or calling, where a career takes on a higher meaning or larger purpose in life. We view our work this way. We know we enable the dreams and hopes of our clients and generations to come to be realized.