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Why having a Financial Strategy in 2023 is the Key to Your Financial Success

Why having a Financial Strategy in 2023 is the Key to Your Financial Success

May 02, 2023

Do you have a strategy?

Think about the amount of money that will pass through your hands while in your working years. Have you ever considered this amount before? It's most likely a 7 or even an 8-figure number. You get to control how you choose to deploy those dollars for your future, but you do not control what comes and threatens those dollars. You see, you're not guaranteed to get that total dollar amount. Think right now about all that can happen, today or tomorrow, that would keep you from seeing that full amount of money you're projected to make. You don't control when something happens to your family or what it is, but you do control how you prepare. So, what can you do to prepare?

There are not many things that we can control in life. However, there are a few items that we can control and if we can be efficient with the “controllable” it does not matter what comes our way. This leads to us creating a plan, but a plan is not enough. Your family deserves more than just a "plan", your family deserves a strategy. Think of it like this: having a plan is reactive and having a strategy is proactive. Do you want to just play to play, or do you want to play to win? A strategy means that it doesn't matter what's thrown your way, the outcome you desire to have will take place regardless.You can control whether or not your family has a strategy. Everyone has a plan but not everyone has a strategy.

If you don't have a strategy that means the dollars you've earned are potentially being used inefficiently. Most of the financial decisions we make are made in our own individual silo's, what you're doing in one silo could be hurting and not helping what you're doing in another silo.

You're going to make money but how much will you keep? Do you have a strategy that keeps the dollars you make? Having a strategy means you are keeping more of the dollars you've made on your balance sheet and using it to further your goals. Think about who you know right now that might help you build a strategy. What tools do they have? We have CPAs to look at our taxes, doctors who look after our health, and advisors who look at our investments. Who do you have looking over your plan as a whole?

The best time to act is now, and if you only have a plan your next step should be to build a strategy.   

Contact me today and let's get to work building your strategy!