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Don’t retire like your granddad

Don’t retire like your granddad

October 03, 2023

Saving for the retirement you want

A lot’s changed since your grandparents called it quits.

For starters, people are living longer, and retiring later. According to an annual Gallup Harris poll, in 1991, the average retirement age was 57; in 2022, it was 61 1.

Why? Retirees now have to wait till 67 to get their full Social Security benefit. But the biggest reason for delaying retirement, according to the Gallup poll, is that would-be retirees fear they just don’t enough money.

To be sure you’re able to retire how you want when you want, remember this: Plans change. Things happen. And your retirement strategy should be flexible enough to adapt. You could be due for a retirement strategy review. Reach out soon to see!


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