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About Guardian

Their solid footing on unsteady ground illustrates how Guardian’s strength is deeply rooted and sustainable. It also reinforces growth and innovation with determination. Challenges do not go away, but Guardian is positioned to maximize every opportunity, as they stay vigilant. As they have for decades.

“As a mutual company, we manage our company in the best interests of our owners, the policyholders. We have no stockholders, as publicly held insurance companies do. Because we’re unencumbered by obligations to manage to Wall Street’s short-term, quarter-to-quarter demands, we’re able to always focus on our top priority: our policyholders. Their interests come first.”
President and Chief Executive Officer, Guardian

“Guardian’s success as a company is a reflection of our continued commitment to providing clients with the highest level of service.”
Senior Vice President and Interim Head of Agency Distribution and Park Avenue Securities, Guardian

“Delivering on Long-Term Promises,” Guardian’s 2011 Annual Report, spotlights how our company continues to serve the needs of the people who put their trust in us through the quality of the decisions we make, and the integrity, hard work, and dedication of our associates. The annual report’s multi-media website includes a series of videos featuring company leaders discussing the reasons why Guardian was so successful in 2011.