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The journey of our firm goes back over 30 years, originally operating as Adams & Associates, founded by General Agent Jeffrey Adams. Mr. Adams was very well respected and a pillar in our community. In 2012 after being diagnosed with leukemia Mr. Adams retired from the business. Our firm went through rebranding and became known as Strategic Wealth Specialists under the leadership of Chris Roussel.  Through new processes and leadership Mr. Roussel began to grow our firm both internally and externally. Between 2012-2016 the number of Financial Representatives more than doubled and we began opening new offices and partnerships. In 2017 a partnership began in Pensacola, FL with General Agent Lee Harrison. This brought on additional new opportunities and relationships for everyone. In 2018 at the retirement of Lee Harrison a partnership formed with General Agent Stewart Davis and North Florida Financial. We currently have many locations some of those being Mobile, Pensacola, Crestview, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, etc. with over 100 Financial Professionals. Our firm's focus is on helping people realize what they have financially, how it works, if there are any holes and how we can help fill them. We are continuing to grow out team, our locations, and our resources to provide our clients security and financial confidence.  

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